【make mistakes】Mistakes(错误)

2023-09-15 16:50


         Mistakes and errors are the discipline through which we advance in life.Mistakes are great teachers.  Success comes to those who are willing to risk making mistakes in the pursuit of their

goals and aspirations, and who are able to learn from those mistakes. And in order to learn from mistakes you must be willing to pay for them.

      Mistakes can be enormously valuable but when you look to others to pay for your mistakes, then you deprive yourself of the opportunity to learn from them. When something goes wrong, it"s usually very easy to find someone else to blame.But what does that really accomplish?

      When you make a mistake, the last thing you want to do is run from it. Rather, accept it. There is much value to be had when you claim it. The mistake has been made, so make the most of it. Pay the price, learn the lesson, and grow that much stronger.

      When you make a mistake, don"t look back at it long.Take the reason of the thing into your mind, and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The present is yet in your power and take full advantage in achieving your goals and aspirations.



    错误可以是极有价值的,但如果你指望他人为自己所犯的错付出代价,你就被剥夺了从中学习的机会。  当事情不妙时,责备他人通常是十分简单的,但那有什么用呢?

    当你犯错时,你最不应该做的就是逃避它。你应该接受它。  当你承认它时,错误就有了巨大的价值。错误既然已经造成,那么就充分利用错误吧。付出代价、吸取教训,从而变得更加坚强。