the loneliness的意思|Loneliness(孤独)

2023-09-15 16:50


              any people feel lonely sometimes.  It usually lasts only a short  while.  For  some  people,

though, loneliness can last for years.Researchers say there are three types of loneliness.

      The first kind of loneliness is temporary. This is the most common type.  It usually disappears quickly and does not require any special attention. The second kind, situational loneliness is a natural result of a particular situation   for example, a family problem, the death of a friend, etc. Although

this kind of loneliness can cause headaches or sleeplessness,it usually doesn"t last for more than a year.

      The third kind of loneliness is the most severe. Unlike the other two types, it usually lasts more than two years and has no specific cause. Unfortunately, many chronically lonely peopie think there is little they can do to improve their condition.

      Psychologists agree that one important factor is a person"s social contacts, e.g. friends, family members, coworkers, etc. We depend on various people for different reasons. However. psychologists have found that, though lonely people may have many social contacts, they sometimes feel they should have more. They question their popularity.

      Psychologists are trying to find ways to help habitually lonely people: they are unhappy and unable to socialize and there is a connection between chronic loneliness and serious illness such as heart disease. While temporary and situational loneliness can be a normal, healthy part of life, chronic loneliness can be a sad, and sometimes dangerous condition.